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We have a wide range of crew solutions, from an hours help to a full season or more, and can respond in real time in a way that few can match. We know who our crew are and where they are at all times. Above and beyond the usual requests we are also able to solve issues after hours, for individuals to step in last minute, or whole teams that turn up when the party finishes and vanish again before the revellers awake.   

We also send a weekly list of in-house crew out to 1000 plus Captains and Exec crew, let me know if you want to be kept up to date.   

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Portside house

16 Rue de la Baume
06600 Antibes

Seaside house

25 Rue du Bas Castelet
06600 Antibes

Oasis House

20 rue des Casemates
06600 Antibes

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